Monday, February 16, 2015

December happenings!

December was a good month. I turned 24, Rebekah turned one month, there was Christmas, and happys, and just plain fun.
Here are my notes for December:

Rebekah is starting to tell which direction a noise is coming from and turns her head in that direction.
She is starting to "talk" to us. She smiles a whole lot. Rebekah is a very happy and smiley baby which makes us smile and also makes it hard to stay angry or frustrated at her. R recognizes her family members. She is very beautiful and has grown considerably, she has thunder thighs and neck rolls.

7th-I turned 24. My birthday was on a Sunday so we celebrated on Saturday. Quentin got me 2 donut pans, one round and one heart shaped. My mom got me some conversational stamps, cupcake flags and liners, my favorite cake mix-Spice cake, and some other things I can't remember. Brenda watched Oliver while Q and I watch a movie, I think it was a Borne movie.

11th-Rebekah is one month!

20th- We were eating Andes mints and I refolded my empty wrapper to make it look like it had a candy inside it. I asked Oliver if he wanted another candy and held out the newly shaped empty wrapper. He of course wanted it so I gave it to him. He opened it and saw there was no mint inside and he exclaimed, "WHAT!?" It was hilarious.

Rebekah is still smiling a lot. Like all the time. I think she is going to be a naturally happy person. She is smart, she knows when her diaper is being changed. She loves it when she gets a clean diaper, she kicks her legs and makes happy noises. There was this one time where she was crying and I didn't know what was wrong at first. I went and changed her diaper which was hardly filled and she stopped crying as I was taking her pants off because she knew she was getting her diaper changed.
She can hold her head up by herself now and doesn't wobble as much. One night I got 5 hours straight of sleep. Was glorious!

Oliver is addicted to Bandaids.
O has taken a liking to playing with my hair and I LOVE IT!


29th-Quentin quit his job for P2W because of something he read in the church handbook. He started working for his dad at Radioshack.

30th- After O and I took a shower(I am in my swimsuit when he takes a shower with me) I decided that I wanted to slowly ease and train Oliver to pee and poop in the toilet. So I sat him on the toilet, and guessed what?! He peed in the toilet! I was so proud of him.
-We are still going slowly trying to not rush him and not to have another major change in his life overwhelm him. First major change in his life was becoming a big brother. He is still getting use to that. We use the bathroom with the door open so he sees us using it. He flushes the toilet for us that way he isn't afraid of the noise it makes. After every shower he sits on the toilet. He has recently learned how to wipe himself. Yesterday, February 15th, after his shower he sat himself on the toilet and peed a little. Then got down and went to his room and emptied the rest of his bladder on the floor.

Life is different with two children. It is a lot harder and frustrating but it is twice the joy. To see them play with each other. To see Oliver hug his sister literally every 5 minutes is precious. When Oliver is playing Rebekah arches her back and throws back her head to see him play. I love seeing them together. It is so rewarding to have these precious kids in Quentin and I's life. We are so blessed to be their parents. There are times where I want to scream and hide in my room because I can't handle both kids crying but I make it through the day alive and the next day and the day after that. I have been choosing love instead of letting my temper over power me.
I have finally(in February) figured out a schedule that works for all of us. And it saves us all a headache (some days). Life is truly amazing with kids in it. I don't know how I survived being single and then being married with no kids.

Now on to some pictures that were taken in December. I am almost caught up on my blog! YAY!

First snow of the season. And they went out to build a snowman.

Love my boys!

I put Oliver in her crib because he wanted to be closer to her. 

I guess he didn't want to be that close.

Smiling at her big brother.

I think she was getting ready to sneeze. Or not.

He loves his little sister. He isn't suffocating her just so y'all know.

I don't know what Oliver is looking at. Maybe he is reading her a book? But I love his little hand on her head. So protective and loving.

Rebekah has her hand on his back.

Putting his arm around her. I want y'all to know that we aren't telling him to do these things, he does it all by himself. 

Because he loves her.

Like brother like sister. 

This was my fortune in the bag of Dove chocolates. 

Q giving his little brother, Asa, a much needed haircut before he goes back to college.

Little girl sleeping in her Christmas dress that she got from her Great Grandma and Grandpa Williamson.

I've decided that there aren't a whole lot of pictures of me on the blog so I am going to try to put more on. Q took this picture.

"Okay mom, stop with the pictures. I know I'm cute."

She looks pretty in blue.

This is our Christmas tree. A little story here. We actually decorated the tree with blue lights with silver and white ornaments. Q likes blue lights so that is what we did this year. Christmas Eve at around 10:30 after we got the kids to sleep, Q looks at the tree and says, "You're right. It would look better with white lights." Then there was a pause. "Can we take these down and put the white ones up?" I said sure. I think I have converted him to white lights. You can see the tree better.

This is Christmas morning. Oliver woke up to a white light tree and presents underneath. 

Happy baby!

Do you see his middle finger? It has a bandaid on it. He cut his finger pretty deep. Rebekah's crib is right over a vent. Oliver likes to slide under the crib railing and hide under bed. Well there was this one time he crawled a little to fast and cut his finger on the metal cover of the vent. It was horrifying. I cried with him. He went through maybe 10 baidaids in one day. 

This is him playing with some of his Christmas presents.

Hiding behind a towel.


I love my little family. I am glad that I am married to the best man alive! He literally is the best person I could have married. He is so loving, understanding, a really good listener, and is a great dad. I have the most fantastic kids. They are pure joy to me even when they are being raunchy and trying. Life is totally worth living with these people in my life. I love them very much. I love it when Oliver runs up to me and hugs my leg. I love seeing Rebekah's eyes light up and I talk to her and change her diaper. I love waking up in the morning, letting Oliver out of his room and him running to find Rebekah and give her a full on body hug. I am loving life right now.

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